Botswana Meat Commission (BMC)

Botswana’s largest beef exporter had the firm conduct litigation on its behalf, both in contract and labor law in several of the commission’s matters. The firm continues to provide legal services to BMC.

BOSETU Funeral Scheme (BOFUS)

A medium-sized mutual fund, currently valued just over a 100 Million Pula, BOFUS continues to retain the firm and receive various legal services from the firm; which services involve investment and acquisitions of entities, drafting of contracts, provision of legal opinion and the general legal conduct of the scheme.

Botswana Communication Workers Union (BOCOWU)

Botswana’s first private sector communication workers union, has retained the firm as its sole representative in all its labor law matters. The firm has engaged in high level litigation on behalf of the union and its members.

Botswana Sectors of Educators Union (BOSETU)

BOSETU, one of the top 3 public sector unions with a membership count of about 16, 000 engaged the firm to create the union’s investment trust. The firm continues to render advisory services on the conduct of some union investments.

PEUBO Group of Companies

One of the leading Micro Lending companies in Botswana with a book of about 60 Million Pula, PEUBO regularly enlists the services of Motswagole & Company. The firm has engaged in such work as: drafting Board Charters, producing Shareholder Agreements and such contracts as the client requires from time to time.

North East District Council (NEDC)

A medium seized Local Authority NEDC has engaged the firm to handle all its matters south of Dibete. The matters involve litigation in procurement law issues at the municipality.

Ghanzi District Council

The firm has sued on behalf of the local authority and defended litigation brought against in all types of matters; from leases to procurement issues.

Pumpking (Pty) Ltd

The law firm has rendered and continues to render legal services to Pumpking; a petroleum company which engages in large civil works for the construction of pump-stations and filling stations in Botswana.

Apex Petroleum (Pty) Ltd

The firm continues to provide services to this petroleum supplying company. This service includes producing contracts on behalf of the client and its customers, litigation in issues surrounding their product supply and labor law issues concerning their employees.

Filling Station Engineering (Pty) Ltd

The firm has rendered legal advice and produced contracts between the client and several of its customers.

Phangastin Projects (Pty) Ltd

A construction company which has had the law firm engage in some of its key litigation; in one instance, successfully in a 28 Million Pula project.