Arbitration and Mediation

which entails solving disputes in an amicable manner that is also quicker and cost-effective than ordinary litigation.

Property and Land Law

Which includes leases, conveyancing, sale and possession of immovable property, cession of rights.

Commercial Law

Which includes the drafting of joint-venture agreements, trading and manufacturing licenses, banking, insurance and insolvency

Human Rights Law

Which comprises the protection of the fundamental rights enshrined under the Constitution of the Republic of Botswana.

Delictual Claims

Which covers defamation of character, negligence, master-servant liability and personal injury claims.

Administrative Law

Which covers review of decisions by public bodies to ensure compliance with the rules of natural justice.

Corporate Law

Which deals with the governance of corporate bodies and companies.

Construction Law

Comprises the drafting of building agreements and the enforcement of builders lien.

General and Specialist

Which comprises general debt collection Litigation.

Labour and Employment

Which deals with industrial relation litigation such as dismissals, retrenchments, strikes and Employment contracts drafting.

Contract Law

Which comprises the drafting of general agreements and the enforcement and cancellation of such.